Rated PG - Digital Download

Rated PG – Digital Download


Sam McWayne created RATED PG (Parental Guidance) as a guide or point of reference for not only parents/future parents, but for uplifting one’s spiritual and moral development. Sam explains through various illustrations on parenting and human development how re-evaluating your thought pro­cess and the focus of your spiritual being helps one move beyond a focus of elementary ideals and into the ultimate parent or individuals we desire to become. RATED PG is Sam McWayne’s response to individuals and parents who desire to raise their level of conscience and reapply values that sat­isfy spiritual needs and create positive and inspirational practice to one’s life.

This go to resource helps parent(s) and individuals re-evaluate thought processes, uplift spiritual and moral development.

  • A needed resource for parent(s)/ future parents
  • Uplifting spiritual development
  • Increase moral development

A take away from the book:

“It is said that life or parenthood does not come with a manual, but popular opinion suggests readers try this book, “RATED PG”.

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