Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan - Digital Download

Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan – Digital Download


Sam McWayne is a Health and Wellness advocate, Entrepreneur, and change strategist who leverages positive methodologies and proven success principles used for lasting empowerment; he has experienced and laid-out a pathway for helping professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals and business owners seek and think through opportunities and competitive advantages. His success philosophy is a powerful concept that reveals a 28-Day step by step guide and daily regiment that helps others reach their fullest potential. He has spent much of his life developing the techniques described in this book Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan.

Rediscover proven success principles in areas of thought, activate a 28-Day plan approach for ways to promote positive thoughts to support years of health, happiness, and mental harmony.

Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan reveals:

  • Proven success principles
  • Lasting Empowerment
  • Shift your thoughts & change your behavior
  • Rediscover proven success principles
  • Activate a 28-Day Plan approach
  • Ways to Promote Positive Thoughts

A quote from the book:
Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan

“Seize dominion over that which own, “your thoughts.” The ultimate battle for everyday people lies not in physical property, but the mental merchandise of thoughts. A change to positive thought bears no financial burden, yet the work to achieve thoughts has a compelling premium, but it’s rewards are priceless.”

– Sam McWayne

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