Positive Attitude Management

P.A.M. Audio Series

Sam McWayne is a published Author, Entrepreneur, and Keynote Speaker who proclaims the P.A.M. (Positive Attitude Management) is what the world needs more of. Sam’s special audio presentation reveals his unvarnished memoir experiences working in 21st century mainstream American culture and by leveraging some of the world’s past and present pioneers of our time, he has devised a unique approach to resolve issues, mediate stress, and negative thoughts.

In a life filled with negative influences, people, and propaganda, Sam McWayne created P.A.M. The purpose of P.A.M. (Positive Attitude Management) is to arm you with simple practice methods that you can use RIGHT AWAY to bring about a POSITIVE CHANGE.

By applying Positive Attitude Management laws, it’s possible to change our thoughts on some of the most profound issues confronting us today. Sam’s signature presentation captures your imagination, inspires, teaches, challenges your thinking, and unleashes feelings and emotions that cause a paradigm shift in thought, and ultimately, a change in behavior.

P.A.M. Audio Series
ISBN# 978-0-9980039-2-4

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Let these Quotes Inspire You!

“You may say life is not fair, but your attitude is, you have the ability to choose thoughts that can lead to positive successful living, or choose a negative nothing.” - Sam McWayne

“Possessing a positive attitude is a process, like painting a picture, carefully choosing colors that express your attitude of landscape.” - Sam McWayne

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