Positive Attitude Management

Sam McWayne is a Health and Wellness advocate, Entrepreneur, and change strategist who leverages positive methodologies and proven success principles used for lasting empowerment; he has experienced and laid-out a pathway for helping professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals and business owners seek and think through opportunities and competitive advantages.

Sam McWayne is a published writer, Author of “RATED PG,” educator, speaker, and editor. It is Sam’s belief that success is measured in how well you relate to everything around you, EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! His success philosophy is a powerful concept that reveals a 28-Day step by step guide and daily regiment that helps others reach their fullest potential. He has spent much of his life developing the techniques described in this book Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan.

It’s Sam’s desire to inspire others to produce powerful results through a proprietary approach for reaching personal success and extraordinary results and abundance in their business, health, and spiritual practice.

Positive Attitude Management
ISBN# 978-0-9980039-1-7

Rated PG
ISBN# 978-09980039-0-0

Rated PG

Sam McWayne is an Entrepreneur, speaker, published writer, Author of “Positive Attitude Management,” educator, and editor who redirects passionate efforts to enrich and beautify the interior landscape of people’s lives. Looking at today’s family structure presents turmoil at every turn; but Sam’s personal struggles, sacrifices, and personal convictions offer a preferred insight and dynamic approach for parenting. It’s been said that a smart man learns from his mistakes whereas a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

Sam McWayne created RATED PG (Parental Guidance) as a guide or point of reference for not only parents/future parents, but for uplifting one’s spiritual and moral development. Sam explains through various illustrations on parenting and human development how re-evaluating your thought pro­cess and the focus of your spiritual being helps one move beyond a focus of elementary ideals and into the ultimate parent or individuals we desire to become. RATED PG is Sam McWayne’s response to individuals and parents who desire to raise their level of conscience and reapply values that sat­isfy spiritual needs and create positive and inspirational practice to one’s life.

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A Spiritual Guide to Mastering Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire.” – In this book, the author inspires and equips us to transform our emotions, our outlook, and even our circumstances by taking control of our thoughts. This book is a must have resource for improving, understanding, optimizing and enjoying the life. “If you want to live a life you have never lived, you have to do things you have never done.”

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The concepts are most intricate, and you’ll want to take your time with this book; by taking your time you’ll become more susceptible for the absorption of substantial concepts.

Online Coaching Resources

Positive Attitude Management

  • Rediscover proven success principles
  • Activate a 28-Day Plan approach
  • Ways to Promote Positive Thoughts

Rediscover proven success principles in areas of thought, activate a 28-Day plan approach for ways to promote positive thoughts to support years of health, happiness, and mental harmony.

Rated PG

  • A needed resource for parent(s)/ future parents
  • Uplifting spiritual development
  • Increase moral development

This go to resource helps parent(s) and individuals re-evaluate thought processes, uplift spiritual and moral development.

Audio Series

  • Captures your imagination, inspires and teaches
  • Ways to mediate stress, and negative thoughts
  • Methods to use to bring about POSITIVE CHANGE

Sam's signature presentation challenges your thinking to cause a paradigm shift in thought to assure self-reliance.

A quote from the book:
Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan

“Seize dominion over that which own, “your thoughts.” The ultimate battle for everyday people lies not in physical property, but the mental merchandise of thoughts. A change to positive thought bears no financial burden, yet the work to achieve thoughts has a compelling premium, but it’s rewards are priceless.”

– Sam McWayne

Thanks to:

First and foremost, I thank GOD for granting me the gift of perception and the power of persistence allowing me to put my passion into print.

Today I feel fantastically blessed honoring some of history’s greatest inspirational and motivational pioneers, both past and present. Thanks to the enclosed noted persons and their words of inspiration; I managed to maintain my focus.

Special thanks goes to my mentor Les Brown, I am greatly thankful for his words of encouragement and genuine inspiration.

Les Brown and Sam McWayne
Les Brown is a world renowned motivational speaker, author, and highly-sought after resource in business and professional arenas.

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change, rather than change mastering you.”

– Brian Tracy

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Taking charge of your day as well as your attitude leads to greatness. Taking possession and ownership of your thoughts are the keys necessary for your control and thinking smarter. As you learn to establish control, your mind will become illuminated with many considerations of how to respond positive. After considering all of the positive responses, you will be motivated to positive action. A smart way of thinking smarter.

“You may say life is not fair, but your attitude is, you have the ability to choose thoughts that lead to positive successful living, or choose a negative nothing.”

– Sam McWayne

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There are many seen and unseen factors in life, but one factor remains constant, our thoughts. We have the ability to choose thoughts that help support our health and prosperity, or not. Your chosen thoughts will be reflected in your attitude, by all means, this is fair. Many persons sell themselves short by not taking ownership and dominion over that divine power which they possess. The power to choose thoughts.

Become proactive, break out of the doldrums and focus on positive successful living. Instead of spending time stewing about a lack of finances, leaving you feeling unfulfilled. Build up confidence in your character by creating thoughts of new ideas and find solutions. Choosing your thoughts are just a thought away, and it’s FREE!

So take advantage, you don’t have to drill yourself 24/7, but take time; have patience with yourself, and choose the attitude that reflects positive possibilities.

“Possessing a positive attitude is a process, like painting a picture, carefully choosing colors that express your attitude of landscape.”

– Sam McWayne

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As you work diligently and patiently with yourself over time, energies released from exercise and mental focus will provide a sense of accountability. An awareness of importance from within compels you to experience the best human being you can be; gradually creating internal and external qualities best illuminated with color; which formulates a nuance portrait that expresses the best attitude desired.

In attempting to achieve your development, aid yourself by creating allies with those who have similar desires of positivity. If none is available, don’t hesitate to create an alter ego within yourself in order to challenge and communicate with yourself; this becomes a sound board to reference your progress. We need positive forms of stimulus when pursuing goals. Communication with others, or either yourself, becomes positive energy in the form of organized thoughts, designed to serve you by reinforcing your commitment.

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude, but in actions.”

– Harold S. Geneen

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Either in occupation or your personal life, leadership expresses greatness; greatness demands responsibility, not only of thoughts and words, but also in action.

Your inner attitude is equal to your outward actions, and there lies the best balance. Reach with acceptance for oncoming responsibilities and discover your two greatest allies hard at work, “Attitude and Action.”

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Let these Quotes Inspire You!

“You may say life is not fair, but your attitude is, you have the ability to choose thoughts that can lead to positive successful living, or choose a negative nothing.” - Sam McWayne

“Possessing a positive attitude is a process, like painting a picture, carefully choosing colors that express your attitude of landscape.” - Sam McWayne

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