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Sam Mcwayne is the Executive Director and community organizer for the Universal Awareness Association, an organiza­tion that supports Education Excellence, Health and Wellness, Entrepreneurial Development and Financial Literacy. Since its inception in 2012 we recognize the broader scope of the future; which consists of addressing and readdressing educa­tional curriculum for identifying values of health and wellness, sustainability, and success. Moreover, what it really means to be successful, and how people define success has largely been mischaracterized by mass media, television shows, and private corporations along with their co-ops as they influence America’s youth culture and family to compromise human morals and values as industry places profit first.

After two decades of combined experience and study, Sam Mcwayne reveals methods and proven practices for entrepreneurial creation/monetization and rediscover yourself in areas of thought, attitude, and energy. Sam aims to cultivate. educate, and stimulate healthy educational practices through audio, video, and literary efforts to support understandable principles that ensure years of health, happiness, and mental harmony.

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Speaking Topics

  • How to write a Book
  • Ways to Improve Dietary Health and Digestion
  • Connect with Positive Energy
  • Black History
  • How to start a Business
  • Possess a Positive Attitude

Best Fit Audience 

Best Fit Audiences- Colleges, Youth Groups, Schools 6-12, Travel clubs, Educators, Faith Communities, Families, Entrepreneurs, Churches

1 Hour Workshop

  • Discover untapped creativity
  • Encourage self-development
  • Select a positive regiment
  • Repeat these steps 

Keynote Address

Through Sam’s passion and charismatic delivery enables him to effectively shake the foundations via corporation/individual level. His thought provoking words encourage self-development with the acknowledgement in “the Power to choose thoughts.”

1.2 Day Seminar

  •  Customize your message to a select audience
  • Engage an audience with educational games and take-away prizes
  • Discover untapped creativity
  • Ways to improve Dietary Health and Digestion

Full Day Seminar

  • Choose your message
  • Identify your values

Video Disabled

Black History Month
It is always a pleasure to see Sam educating our youth

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Let these Quotes Inspire You!

“You may say life is not fair, but your attitude is, you have the ability to choose thoughts that can lead to positive successful living, or choose a negative nothing.” - Sam McWayne

“Possessing a positive attitude is a process, like painting a picture, carefully choosing colors that express your attitude of landscape.” - Sam McWayne

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