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Author and Journalist Sam McWayne
Making a Positive Difference
In the Lives of Others, ONE PAGE AT A TIME


Sam leverages positive methodologies and proven success principles to help others reach their fullest potentials.

P.A.M. Audio Series

This presentation by Sam McWayne causes a paradigm shift in your thoughts to bring about a positive change.

Helping You Achieve Success

Sam McWayne P.A.M.
Positive Attitude Management
Audio Series

Sam McWayne is a published Author, Entrepreneur, and Keynote Speaker who proclaims that P.A.M. (Positive Attitude Management) is what the world needs more of. In a life filled with negative influences, people, and propaganda; Sam McWayne created P.A.M. The purpose of Positive Attitude Management helps to capture your imagination, inspires, teaches, challenges your thinking, and unleashes feelings and emotions that cause a paradigm shift in thought, and ultimately, a change in behavior.

Devised a unique approach to resolve issues

Mediate stress and negative thoughts

Applying P.A.M. LAWS to change our thoughts


Positive Attitude Management 28-Day Plan reveals:

  • Proven success principles
  • Lasting Empowerment
  • Shift your thoughts & change your behavior

Rated PG

  • Spiritual uplift
  • Increase moral development
  • Re-evaluate thought processes

Audio Series

  • Captivating Testimony
  • Get Inspired
  • Methods to use to bring about POSITIVE CHANGE

Book Sam

Sam teaches:

  • Ways to cultivate entrepreneurial creation
  • Black History Education
  • How to Write a Book?
  • How to Start a Business?
  • Ways to Improve Dietary Health and Digestion


Designed to improve
your health , enhance your beauty,
and improve your quality of life!

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About Me

Sam McWayne trumpets the paramount importance of educational change; to embrace change and do more with less. History is proof that success is not about resources; it’s about being resourceful and creative. Sam solidifies, nurtures, and cultivates the only CONSTANT in this world, CHANGE. To become teachable; live life without limits; make a difference in the lives of others; NOT to allow others to define who you are.

Let These Resources Help You!

Positive Attitude Management

  • Rediscover proven success principles
  • Activate a 28-Day Plan approach
  • Ways to Promote Positive Thoughts

Rediscover proven success principles in areas of thought, activate a 28-Day plan approach for ways to promote positive thoughts to support years of health, happiness, and mental harmony.

Rated PG

  • A needed resource for parent(s)/ future parents
  • Uplifting spiritual development
  • Increase moral development

This go to resource helps parent(s) and individuals re-evaluate thought processes, uplift spiritual and moral development.

Audio Series

  • Captures your imagination, inspires and teaches
  • Ways to mediate stress, and negative thoughts
  • Methods to use to bring about POSITIVE CHANGE

Sam's signature presentation challenges your thinking to cause a paradigm shift in thought to assure self-reliance.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Let these Quotes Inspire You!

“You may say life is not fair, but your attitude is, you have the ability to choose thoughts that can lead to positive successful living, or choose a negative nothing.” - Sam McWayne

“Possessing a positive attitude is a process, like painting a picture, carefully choosing colors that express your attitude of landscape.” - Sam McWayne

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